Wall Coatings


Single pack, satin matt finish

Tried and tested quality for waterproofing any facade.

An elastic, crack bridging and waterproofing facade coating.  The microporous structure ensures that the base is constantly able to breathe. Ready for use and simple to apply on any facade.  In other words:  Façade protection with waterproof guarantees.

    • 100% Waterproof:  a facade treated waterproofing coating is guaranteed to remain bone dry
    • 400% Elastic:  the permanent elasticity protects your facade optimally in all circumstances and prevents tears, flaking and blistering
    • Permeable  to water vapour:  the base can breathe at all times with Waterproofing
    • Crack Bridging
    • Resistant to contamination and ageing in all weather conditions and climates
    • Water-based
    • Colour fast: the unique formula means that even deep and dark colours and not affected by sunlight
    • The high coverage and elasticity Waterproof coating save your facade from ageing, damage and the permeation of damp.
    • Protects reinforced concrete against carbonation, penetration
    • With 10 year guarantee